5111 50th Ave Caroline, Alberta T0M 0K0 403-722-2451


Custom processing of domestic and wild game 

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About the owners

Thomas and Eva Hettesheimer immigrated from Germany in 2000 with their 2 children, David and Marie. Thomas mastered his butchering skills back in Germany, while Eva studied to be a kindergarten teacher, which she pursed for 25 years. Since moving to Canada, Thomas has been apart of both the agriculture, and meat industry. They both enjoy working in a small town like Caroline, where they say, "It feels like home, and the people are so friendly". They are dedicated to running a business with honesty, integrity, reliability and quality. They vow to stick with what they know best, and produce products that they believe in.  

Why Choose local?

1.Sourced Locally

We as a business will strive to always source locally and support family run businesses, farmers, and ranchers. The importance of keeping family oriented corporations alive is a

priority as we do not want to be a part of nor see big box stores run this economy.


2.We Create Community Together!

We live for the small town feel and the opportunity to know our customers. The shop is hands on, with the focus on great customer service and in house homemade products.


3.Environmentally Sustainable

Shopping local keeps our environmental footprint down, which has been a growing trend as our population increases.


4.Product Diversity

Being locally sourced allows us to build relationships with not only our customers, but our suppliers as well. This allows us to achieve greatness in all aspects of the industry. Our goal it so supply products you prefer over generic merchandise. Have a suggestion? Special request? We are all ears.   

5111 50th Ave, Caroline Alberta